Required Documents

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What do borrowers have to provide CBC National Bank to participate in an FHA streamline?

The CBC National Bank FHA Streamline Rate Reduction is a very simple process. Very few documents are needed from you. Everything that we generally need most borrowers have on hand or can pull from their last closing documents. If locating the documents we need is a problem, we have links to samples below. If you need further assistance, don’t worry. Just call our office and we will be happy to assist you in retrieving the necessary documents.

To get started all we need are the following FIVE (5) items:

Document Description Purpose Location Sample
Note This is the basic loan agreement from your last loan. It should be in your closing package. It will say “NOTE” across the top in large bold print. It will be between 2 and 3 pages. Make sure to include all of them. This documents that confirms the existing loan terms. Settlement Folder Click Here
Settlement Statement (HUD1) The settlement statement itemizes all charges related to your loan. You probably signed it multiple times. It is usually 1 to 3 pages. It’s the page with all the numbered lines full of closing costs, taxes, recording fees, etc. Documents charges on the previous transaction and confirms that the loan is FHA insured. Settlement Folder Click Here
Homeowners’ Insurance Information All mortgages require homeowners insurance. We need either your policy or contact information for your insurance agent to verify adequate coverage. Verifies coverage and allows us to transfer coverage to the new loan. Settlement Folder Click Here
Unexpired Photo Identification (All Borrowers) Any current (unexpired) state or government issued driver’s license or picture id will suffice, as long as the copy is legible. Verifies that you are the actual owner N/A N/A
Proof of Social Security Number (All Borrowers) A social security card is ideal. In the event that you do not have a social security card, a paystub or any other official document that displays the number will suffice. Verifies that you are the actual borrower and allows us to verify your mortgage history. N/A N/A

With basic CBC National Bank FHA Streamline & VA Streamline Rate Reductions, we generally do not need tax returns, bank statements, paystubs or any of the other documents typically associated with refinancing. Unlike when you purchased or refinanced… this process is quick and easy!

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The FHA streamline refinance program helps borrowers lower mortgage payments. CBC National Bank specializes in FHA streamline refinancing transactions that lower interest rates and reduce mortgage payments without appraisals or income verification. FHA Streamline Refinances may be possible without increasing existing loan balances. No cost programs may result in a slightly higher interest rate. FHA Streamline Refinances may close in as few as 15 days, depending on date submitted. CBC National Bank specializes in VA Streamline Interest Rate Reductions with no income verification. VA Streamline Refinances may be possible without increasing existing loan balances. VA Streamline Refinances may close in as few as 10 days, depending on date submitted.

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Kwe Parker (NMLS#49165) is a professional mortgage specialist for CBC National Bank that specializes in showing FHA and VA borrowers how to use seldom publicized methods to lower FHA and VA mortgage rates without the normal hassles associated with refinancing. Kwe "Clay" Parker and his team have helped thousands of FHA and VA borrowers reduce their mortgage payments.