What is a Rate Reduction?


HUD has permitted homeowners to lower the interest rate on FHA & VA insured mortgages since the early 1980’s. The “streamline” refers only to the reduced underwriting requirements and the minimal documentation that the borrowers need to supply the lenders. This does not mean that there are no costs involved in the transactions. Some streamlines have costs involved that the borrowers must add to their loan balance or pay out of pocket.

We specialize in a special streamline program called a “Streamline Rate Reduction“. This program allows borrowers to get lower interest rates, WITHOUT adding the actual fees to the principal loan balance. Compare our Streamline Rate Reduction Program to popular FHA refinance options.

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How can the Streamline Rate Reduction Program save you money?

There are many fees that are typically associated with refinancing. Unlike typical refinances, our program requires no upfront fees, no appraisals, no inspections, minimal documentation and… we will pay ALL of the settlement charges. You can receive a lower mortgage payment WITHOUT adding unnecessary fees to your loan balance. See the example below:

FHA Streamline Refinance Closing Costs Credit CBC National Bank

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The FHA streamline refinance program helps borrowers lower mortgage payments. CBC National Bank specializes in FHA streamline refinancing transactions that lower interest rates and reduce mortgage payments without appraisals or income verification. FHA Streamline Refinances may be possible without increasing existing loan balances. No cost programs may result in a slightly higher interest rate. FHA Streamline Refinances may close in as few as 15 days, depending on date submitted. CBC National Bank specializes in VA Streamline Interest Rate Reductions with no income verification. VA Streamline Refinances may be possible without increasing existing loan balances. VA Streamline Refinances may close in as few as 10 days, depending on date submitted.

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Kwe Parker (NMLS#49165) is a professional mortgage specialist for CBC National Bank that specializes in showing FHA and VA borrowers how to use seldom publicized methods to lower FHA and VA mortgage rates without the normal hassles associated with refinancing. Kwe "Clay" Parker and his team have helped thousands of FHA and VA borrowers reduce their mortgage payments.