Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CBC National Bank is committed to providing the highest level of privacy and security pertaining to the collection and use of our online banking customer’s personal and account information.

Respect of Right to Privacy
CBC National Bank respects and honors your right to privacy and takes every preventative measure to grant you the same level of privacy within our virtual branch that you receive through more traditional bank delivery channels.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
CBC National Bank and our business partners who help us deliver online banking services will have access to your personal information. All personal information gathered and stored by the bank is used for precise business purposes to secure and implement your personal accounts and transactions and ensure the bank complies with state and federal banking regulations. The personal information gathered will also help the bank to understand your financial needs and facilitate the development of enhanced products and services.

Limited Employee Access of Personal Information
CBC National Bank limits the employee access to your personal information to only personnel with authorization to analyze your account for legitimate business purposes. Our employees adhere to a code of ethics that includes training to realize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information.

Third-Party Disclosure Restrictions
Personal information may be supplied to a third party in the following instances:

  •     In order to process a customer transaction.
  •     At the customer’s request.
  •     As allowed by law, the exchange of information with reputable reporting agencies.
  •     As allowed by law, in the course of an investigation of fraudulent activity or subpoena.

CBC National Bank will not sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Disclosure of Privacy Policies
CBC National Bank is committed to ensuring the privacy of our customer’s personal and financial information. For more information regarding the Online Banking Privacy Policy, please contact us.


Security Statement

Your transactions are absolutely safe. CBC National Bank works with cutting-edge technology partners to ensure that the most secure environment is made possible for our valued customers. We offer you worry-free Internet banking. You can be completely confident of the following security measures:

Secure Communications
Our system ensures that data-exchanged between your PC and our computers are encrypted. Encryption is accomplished through Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), which utilizes mathematical formulas to ‘encrypt’ or hide information from prying eyes on the Internet. Additionally, if SSL detects that data was added or deleted after you sent it to the bank, the connection will be severed in order to guard against any tampering. The most popular browsers have the SSL security feature included.

Secure Environment
Our computer system does not connect directly to the Internet. It is isolated from the network via a ‘firewall’. A firewall is a combination of software and hardware products that designate parameters, and control and limit the access that outside computers have to the banks’ internal networks and databases. You can feel secure knowing that our firewall protects your personal information from unauthorized access.


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